Front Wheel Bearings

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With my daughter graduating from High School this month, I have not had much time to work on the car.  I have spent most of my free time researching how to disassemble my suspension system, a task that looks daunting, but not as daunting as putting it back together!

 Anyway, I had some time over the weekend to remove the bearings from the front hubs.  One of the hubs does not turn as freely as I would like and both have old dried up grease that has to be cleaned.  So, I begin:


First step is to remove the felt seal cover that is screwed into the hub.  A lock screw holds this in place, so must be removed first.  Then the cover can be unscrewed using a tool that has prongs to fit the holes you see in the photo.  Not having such a tool, I had to make one.  At the local hardware store I found a strip of brass and a brass rod that fit the holes in the seal cover.  I drilled holes in one piece of the brass that corresponded to those holes and bent the rod through them so they protruded just enough to fit the felt cover holes.  I then bolted on a cover to keep the rod in place, making sure the bolts were farther apart than the hub diameter.  It wasn't pretty, but it worked.



By hammering on a wooden dowel that I place against the front bearing (from the rear), most of the parts came right out.  The rear bearing was another thing, however.  That guy would not budge.  So, I got out a torch and heated up the hub until it had expanded enough to loosen the bearing.  I quickly learned that you have to protect yourself against the grease inside the hub, because it gets pretty hot!



In the above left photo are from right to left:  Felt Seal Cover, Felt Seal, Washer, Outer Bearing, Cone Spacer, Inner Bearing and Hub.

As I thought, one set of bearings had a hitch when turned, probably caused by a flat spot in one or more of the balls.   I plan to order these from T. Rutlands along with new felt seals for the front and the rubber seal for the rear axle.

This being done, it is time to get back to my suspension research and to figure out a way to remove the rear bearings....

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